Ein Gedanke zu “Mind Control – David Icke und Stewart Swerdlow

  1. The huge amount of lies and disinformation that define the Mind Control related aspects of the Montauk Project show how ridiculous that clearly made psy-op rubbish was and is. So Stewart Swerdlow waffling on about Mind Control, is purposeless, because he just plagiarized is information from other people. Even with only a bit of research, pretty much everything to do with the Montauk Project can be proven to be fake, including the scientific psychobabble that Preston Nichols used to waffle on about. Preston Nichols was a fat fibber and he could not even write properly. Hence why Peter Moon (Vincent Barbarick) had to write the Montauk Project book series. Now the absolute liar and plagiarizer Stewart Swerdlow should never have been included in The Montauk Chronicles. Stewart Swerdlow was interviewed by Miles Johnston from The Bases Project and actually stated the same crappola about Yakov Sverdlov being his great-uncle and then mentioned other fake Soviet Russian relatives, to massively embellish his original B.S. backstory. Wherever the convincing scam merchant Stewart Swerdlow goes, he always mentions his usual disinformation backstory about Yakov Sverdlov being his great-uncle, which people should know was made up by Swerdlow to further develop his fake persona for marketing purposes back in 1997. Stewart Swerdlow was never related to Yakov Sverdlov and Swerdlow does not have Russian ancestry. Swerdlow’s ancestry comes from Belarus and Poland. Many people know Stewart Swerdlow’s family never originated from Russia in the first place because researchers have done his genealogy which clearly shows this. Yakov Sverdlov was also never the first head of state of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia because he died in 1919 and the Soviet Union was not established until 1922. Swerdlow is therefore simply hoodwinking and tricking gullible people and nothing more with his fantastical backstories.

    There is so much information exposing Stewart Swerdlow as a charlatan, liar and con man, it is incredible. For example, Stewart Swerdlow plagiarized the DNA of 22 aliens idea from Alex Collier (Ralph Amagran) who said that Humans generally have the DNA of 22 aliens. So the disinformer Swerdlow took the lies of Alex Collier and simply reused them to embellish his own fake backstory for marketing purposes. Now the entire Nazi German and Fourth Reich obsession Stewart Swerdlow is wholly disturbing. People should be aware that Swerdlow has been banned from giving public talks in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf in Germany, in September 2008 because of his anti-semitic remarks. The German organizer, Christine Zuhr absolutely despises Stewart Swerdlow because of lies and disinformation he peddled whilst on stage. During a talk Swerdlow gave in September 2015 in Germany he once again caused huge outrage and shock from the German organizers and the audience for his borderline pro-Nazi and anti-semitic comments. In Blue Blood, True Blood, Stewart Swerdlow tells everyone that he was some kind of Nazi German who was brought through time, who was called Johannes von Gruber. According to Swerdlow the Illuminati used him in sexual ritual magick because of the German Aryan DNA from Johannes von Gruber within his body. Presumably that is in addition to Swerdlow’s fake DNA from 22 aliens. No wonder Swerdlow is always contradicting elements of his backstory, when he makes up so many convoluted lies and fantasies about himself.

    Stewart Swerdlow has also mentioned in Blue Blood, True Blood that he has three Souls inside his body. Does that kind of rubbish which Swerdlow talks about not sound like he is demonically possessed by evil spirits? Stewart Swerdlow clearly has zero credibility and is obsessed with simply inventing more and more likes about himself. I personally think Stewart Swerdlow is completely insane and has negatively influenced people like Corey Goode and James Casbolt. Swerdlow also states in his YouTube videos, radio interviews and on his website that he has Bear DNA, Lion DNA, Scorpion DNA, Aldebaran DNA, Sirian DNA and Viking DNA. Stewart Swerdlow has also stated many times that he has the DNA of 5 other alien races. Please do go and research all this information for yourselves. Now it seems to me that people like Corey Goode have believed the stupid nonsense and disinformation from the madman Stewart Swerdlow, and he then reinvented himself with his Blue Space Chicken Cult, which is such a laughable circus act. Goode simply emulated his fake backstory from the con artist, liar, fraud, charlatan, deceiver and scam merchant Stewart Swerdlow. Ask Swerdlow if he can produce one small piece of evidence to support his totally fake backstory or his credentials, and he never will do, because Swerdlow knows his persona is entirely artificial.

    Stewart Swerdlow in his book, Blue Blood, True Blood mentions that much of his knowledge came from employees on the Montauk Project. Well that is plain crappola B.S., because the Bielek Debunked website has proven the Montauk Project never even existed. Preston Nichols back in 1990 and 1991 conceived the idea for the Montauk Project and Swerdlow simply added and embellished the original lies. Stewart Swerdlow learned his knowledge after plagiarizing everything he knows from numerous other researchers on the New Age Circuit and the conspiracy theory world. Stewart Swerdlow did take Maryanne Johnston’s Language of Hyperspace information and reused it, pretending the knowledge was his. When Stewart and his wife, Janet Swerdlow do their regular YouTube videos where they talk about the daily news headlines, they are just shamelessly trying to promote their disinformation and useless plagiarized products. I would also add, that I do believe the charlatan fantasist Stewart Swerdlow is running a Satanic Cult to lure people into being mind controlled by his awful teachings. I hope people steer clear of Stewart Swerdlow, because he is pure evil and only cares about his own fake career and prestige. Swerdlow’s farcical story is one huge circus show comprised of his immense egocentric madness and constantly subversive fibbing.

    For those of you that would like to have a good look at the real genealogy and family history of Stewart Swerdlow, and not the stupid fictional ego based rubbish he keeps mentioning about his connections to Soviet Russia, have a look at the PDF by using this weblink:



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