Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer and Orb Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

An investigative Look into the ORB in the New Guardians of the
Galaxy Movie.
The Orb was created by the Celestials to act as a containment device for an Infinity Stone resembling a purple gem. The Orb was incredibly powerful, capable of annihilating an entire planet, and was used by the Celestials as a means of placing judgment upon worlds and their populaces. However, the gem was just as dangerous to its handler as it was to the societies against which it was used, as its handlers were even destroyed by its power. Eventually, the Celestials hid the Orb, with the gem stored inside, on the planet Morag, storing it in a secret tomb that was hidden beneath the planet’s vast ocean. The ocean would recede every 300 years, making the tomb accessible.


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