Solange Knowles looked great during her wedding, but after the reception she broke out in hives

solange knowles beyonce jay-z

Solange Knowles looked great during her wedding, but after the reception she broke out in hives … and by process of elimination, she’s either allergic to shrimp, or Jay Z.

It doesn’t seem to be a case of nerves … Beyonce’s sister’s face appeared smooth and radiant in the wedding photos … but after the reception — when she got in a car with Jigga — all hell broke loose on her face.

According to our sources, Solange suffered some kind of food allergy, though she isn’t sure what it was from. We’re told the hives were gone in a matter of minutes.

Solange got hitched in New Orleans Sunday — she married music video director Alan Ferguson.


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Kommentar: mh… ich les hier nur hive shrimp und married haha… fieses alien will ich nicht sagen aber… obacht

all hell broke loose on her face… ach was
wir leben mitten in einem zeichentrickfilm… zum glück isses meistens nur ein wetterballon oder ne shrimp allergie… black magic wedding… ALAN FERGUSON komm hör auf

es ging los als JIGGA kam haha… der jiggaman das klingt schon nach jack und j und boogyman… aber beste kommt
jigga man is the black super hero, very closly related to super man. He is strong, fast and can fly. His main super power is that he hits people on the head with his giant dick. Women love him, men want to be him.
„look! its a bird!.. no, its a plane.. no look! its jigga man! oh shit run!!!

Unless your a guy… then he’s just a good friend.

Heil Jiggaman!



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