Jain 108 Mathemagics "TORUS"

jain 108 torus


The torus is
the Ring of Perfect Compression,
the physics of magnetic black holes and electric white holes,
the art of getting sucked in and spat out,
the mouth and anus of the developing zygote,
the in and the out of creation,
the scale invariant fractal of infinite series,
the iris of the eye,
the flattened blood platelets,
the dimpled planet earth,
the perfected form of apples,
the field that emanates from our collective Hearts.

Jain 108

Kommentar: dieser typ is mir leicht unheilich aber obacht… ring black white mouth anus creation fractal iris eye apples haha

mh… torus aka TAURUS the bull… ahh dazu hab ich ne idee
(es is so traurig wenn man isis eingibt kommen nur bärtige in schwarz haha…)


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