Demonic Neo-Gothic Schools Built In My Home Town & Entire US East Coast

Architect James Oscar Betelle, born in Wilmington Delaware, US, along with a Architect Earnest F. Guilbert designed Neo-Gothic (Demonic) and cult affiliated building structures which be frequented by children from their first through last years of school. Amazingly, James Oscar Betelle born American and made his business life successes in America is now buried in Toscana, Italy cemetery. He’s buried in the Trespiano Cemetery. His wife reported
a robbery to police which among some of the reported items stolen was a gold pin once worn by Queen Victoria. A royal affiliation. Batelle designed a School I attended as a child for two years and perhaps at a later date I will will share some very unusual encounters I experienced while attending the school. When I attended the school it was named „Landis Jr. High School“. It is now named „Landis Intermediate School“. The school was also formally Vineland High School. Our down area has a Original stone structure Masonic building which is detailing underlying cult symbolization as well. On my facebook page page is a very interesting story about how Vineland City was created and the founder writings in a unpublished book about journeys to Mars. His name Charles K Landis whom founded several other NJ Cites got away with murdering a News paper editor for writing a story in which questioned the sanity of Landis’s wife. My city, Vineland NJ is Cult devils playground for Architects, Masons, and cult believers as the evidence saturates the prehistory of Vineland. I’m posting pictures of the demonic sculptures of my once attended school on my facebook page, Google+ page, twitter, as well here. Another thing that I’m discovering about the behind one of the ideals of the cult is to to offer their services to the public at a afforded cost to the prospective consumer while knowing all along that the ultimate cost to be paid would be collection of souls. These structures in your towns, cities,& neighborhoods are demonic dimensional doorways which were cleverly built to allow directional flow of spirits to and from dimensional destinies beyond our world. The carvings on these buildings all raises red flags. The building designs, neo gothic are symbolic to evil historic passages. Castle designed buildings are all representation of Rulers or Rulership over people by those that demand to be worshiped. The Evil in America begins with this buildings and the dimensional demonic forces that occasionally slips through the dimensional doorway of opportunity to capture the mind, character, or the soul being of the living. Additionally, each one of these structures can be associated with death by simply matching there entrance ways to a mausoleum. Even the window framing and glass style contribute to the cult design structure of the buildings. And more yet, just as we carry the faces and names of dead presidents in our purses and wallets, these cult founded schools have the names of dead principles, teachers, and others attaching the school names and plaques of pictures hanging the throughout the school hallways. These so called school buildings are shrines (Mausoleums) that glorify the dead and welcome dimensional beings to come pick of the litter (our children) as sacrificial offerings. Gerone Wright


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