Switzerland Symbiosis of Pharaoh Red and White House for Neutral Ground for Ruling Bloodlines

SWISS RED AND WHITE FLAG SYMBOLISES THE UNION OF UPPER AND LOWER EGYPT, AND TO PROVIDE A SAFE HAVEN FOR ALL WARRING PARTIES FOR COMMUNICATING, INTERNATIONAL PEACE TALKS, TREATIES AND ALL WORLD ORGANISATIONS, SAFEGUARDING THEIR WEALTH UNDER PHARAOH`S AGREEMENT; only Pharaoh Ghaddaffi dared to speak out against Switzerland and had therefore to pay the ultimate price for that. Switzerland plays thè major key role in ruling humanity. Then at this point the warring red and white fractions decided, it`s better to solve frictions and divide the land and its slave potential among them instead of none of them having part of it because of incessant destruction through wars; this is how the upper and lower house or left and right wing in parliament got born. Or like in Russia the red communist revolutionaries against the white nobility.


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