Beast 1333 – Interstellar (Prod. King Solomon)


I’m Zecharia Sitchin Sagan
god of old Mesopotamian Pagan
Son of Marduk
born during administration Reagan
Earthly Dagon
energy beings larger than Humans
dimensional portal doorway is Fuming
Like a flowers blooming
deafening the crack of Lunar Storms are brewing
Greco Mayan spacecraft
Vimanas found under the Ruins
33 light years from Earths
a molten Exoplanet
Interstellar traveling capabilities
thats causing panic
Keys of Enoch
the visitors resembled Ewoks
Orion nebula creatures injecting the serum in vein as a Detox
bullet vessels speed dock
Better wait your turn and slower docking Speed
the bay doors is opening
Proceed without a knock indeed
quadrupedal scavenger Vermin
Emerging from Lagoons
was struck by the beauty of the planets sky
And Triple Moons
seen em in cocoons
The Anunnaki offspring of Anu and Ki
kelp covered glimmering vessels thats rising up quickly from under the sea
Full of Abductees for Tiamat
the goddess of the Ocean
The solutions have our protocols in place
and constant motion
Epic of Creation
laws of gravitation as we pick up speed
The Captain at the Helm
is vaping solar radiated Weed
Many different Breeds
galaxies are born in Laniekea
Local super cluster
those that perished
Went with Goddess Freyja
entering the Lair
Space is Flabbergasting in its Magnitude
ionic propulsion the engines are failing see quickly they’re losing their altitude
Bit of Gratitude
never attitude
As they Toggling in to their Latitude
mental aptitude
To the Exactitude
never talking as he navigating mad Subdued
I can’t be mad at Dude
what do the temple Preach?
Its been years since i trotted the Globe with Teach
was it a hole or breach?
Looking for souls to Reach
i told cheech on the beach that we’d make it Each
And make it yes we Did
there go the power Grid
No cribs, aint no food, aint no showers Kid
dimensional paths that the gods Forbid
I took it through the Wormhole
bounced and slid
Since i live amid
Amid the living Mud
i burn bud, its a flood when I’m out for Blood
We’re crashing with a Thud
and coming out the Crud
Aint no telling what they’re thinking as they fly Above
lets slow it down, a little
We’re trekking across the planets Face
checking around setup camp and Base
Feeling like I’m feening for the Vac of Space
we’re the master Race
Our D.N.A.’s a Gumbo
a Galactic Stew
We’re Royalty
theres 33 races combined inside of you
Creatures that won’t say hi to You
preachers are screaming homilies
Features of speech wont lie to you
teachers we’re reaching Colonies
Eating and Teaching Botany
dab on the nail inside the Lab
Constellation Leo and Gemini
stand beside the Crab
Probes into the surface Stab
solar panel warming Coil
Soon the colonizers shall attack in Droves
while swarming Soil
Magma from the mantle Boil
sheeple blind as Helen Keller
Soon our traveling capabilities will become

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