Prince William turns 33! // Summer Solstice 2015

Don’t fall for the smear campaign, but that’s up to you if you do of course. No channel gets 40 accusations thrown at them in 3 days. I am presenting you real truth and the hierarchy of darkness does not like this, it’s a spiritual battle remember friends. They could not go for the information so they went for a character assassination. I know the individuals involved, where it all started and why. I will not name the people but vengeance is not mine but the Lord’s.
No I am not living a gay lifestyle nor do I work for the illuminati, nor do I make money from selling thongs, nor have I „interviewed“ the Queen, nor am I related to the royal family, nor do I mean „satan“ when I refer to „the Father“, nor was my pensioner friend a ‚master mason‘. He was a youtuber and sang in a band. Please remember he has passed away and to have to keep re-defending a friend who passed away over and over and over is getting rather painful.

Kommentar: deswegen auch der rainbow quatsch

erst ice bucket… jesuIs und jetzt rainbow… mh…


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