Ra Imhotep building on the next level of the alien agenda and the making of the next president.


The 5th Wave 5th Angel UFO Alien Fallen Angel Invasion . Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

An investigative look into the new movie The 5th Wave. Showing the 5th angel of the book of revelation and the fallen Angels coming as an Alien invasion.

Master the Human Domain..The End Game…Alien Invasion Complete and Mission Complete

The EVENTUALITY of „The Fallen“ breeding with humans…A KINGDOM DIVIDED…Satan’s Rule on Earth…Same as the days of Noah..Daniel 2:43 „The LAST KINGDOM will be DIVIDED and THEY shall MINGLE THEMSELVES with the SEEEEEED of MEN and watch as it happens before your very eyes…Justation Complete..Beast UNLEASHED…abomionation of Desolation STANDING IN THE HOLY PLACE,,,,,Time for a Wedding ..Praise God

Veritas Radio – Patti Conklin – Aliens, Reincarnation, DNA, & Human Devolution

What are Aliens? Where do they come from? Are there different types? What kind of technology do they possess and are they just using physics in its true form? Why are they here? Have they always been here? What happened to human lifespan. Why was it shortened and most of our capabilities turned off? Were they turned off or is it the learned belief that has turned it off? These are some of the questions discussed during the interview. We also discussed the topic of reincarnation and human devolution, as evidenced by the incredible monuments left by the ancient ones throughout the world, and even today, humans do not have the capability to replicate them. This and much more.