Red Ice Radio – Maria Wheatley – Hour 1 – Geodetic System of Earth Energies and Ley Lines

Maria Wheatley is a writer, dowser and researcher of earth mysteries specializing in the geodetic system of earth energies and ley lines. She organizes regular tours of sacred sites and medieval churches and cathedrals in the South West of England to locate and interact with the monument’s hidden energies. Her late father Dennis Wheatley was considered a master dowser who discovered the hidden chakra system within Glastonbury Abbey and how it was ritualistically used by the royal bloodline. For the past ten years Maria has continued researching the many ways in which our prehistoric ancestors harnessed and utilized the Earth force. Wheatley studied landscape archaeology at the University of Bath in Swindon. She is co-author of Avebury Sun Moon and Earth and she recently founded the Avebury School of Esoteric Studies. She will discuss ancient concepts and new findings related to the geodetic system of earth energies and ley lines. In the second hour we’ll talk about the curry grid and the harmful effects of earth energies. Maria explains the basics of dowsing and how to locate both the neutral spaces and those causing geopathic stress. If you’re sleeping night after night for an extended period right over one of these crossings, it could mean trouble. Maria, shares what she believes is the real age of Stonehenge. Later, she speaks of a strange metal plate object found near Stonehenge, dating back to the Elizabethan era.

Aristocracy`s Reign of The Pharaonic Bloodlines through Hidden Freemasonry is the NWO Nobility

PHARAOHS BECAME NOBILITY, ARISTOCRACY BECAME FREEMASONRY, AND FREEMASONRY BECAME THE NEW WORLD ORDER. All politicians are mixed descendants of the nobility and all police mixed descendants of their former knighthood called Octogon of the Templars; the pharaonic bloodline rules the entire world, and we are just their slaves.