Rapper satanistisch Mind Controlled


Rapper Sebastian aus Aachen, Mc Laden, gibt uns sehr intressante Einblicke, wie die deutsche Rapper-Szene unter satanistischem Mind Control Einfluss steht.
Es fallen Namen wie MoTrip, Silla, JokA und Kool Savas. Es geht um Körperverletzungen, Gangsterpunkte, Morddrohungen und Prostitution durch Bewusstseinskontrolle.

Kommentar: motrip track über NSA… vertrag bei universal usw… mh… schon komisch


Amanda Bynes : Cult of Saturn // Miley Cyrus : Quetzalcoatl – subconscious connections

I made this video after seeing a Cult of Saturn symbol in a video about Amanda Bynes recent meltdown and calling Miley Cyrus ugly.

With the Cult of Saturn symbol in the same video as Amanda and Miley while showing Amanda looking in a mirror was pure occult symbolism. Amanda is probably a victim of mind control gone very wrong!

This video uncovers links between Amanda Bynes the Cult of Saturn and Miley Cyrus and her depiction of Quetzalcoatl.

The video suggests there are subconscious connections made at an early age and in places such as schools and religions.

Bases 37 Part 5 A Max Spiers on blood groups

Blood groups and HIVE Mind programming, and a direct reference to Northern Ireland. How the Rh-ve B and other related groups are used for a controlled Hive mind, for programming population sub groups for control.
The transfer of data by bio-energetic field mergence is how the Monarch’s exchange data with their masters. The sex act is only a mechanism. (Ref Tranceformation of America)

The Northern Ireland reference is important as its part of shut down of the ancient origins of the current re-emergence of man by the Elite to stop us developing so we remains the resource of these creatures which are a hang over from past alien wars, and the „virus“ created to destroy them all those years ago.

Part A of 3 from a highly detailed brief from Max to Miles Johnston of the Bases Project.
These interviews take a great deal out of both interviewee and interviewer. Max was unable to complete this set, and the 3rd and final session ends abruptly.