PopCulture Magazines DECODED

In today’s episode, I cover some of the esoteric/occult nuances of the April 2012 (412) edition of SELF Magazine featuring Carrie (Carry) Under-Wood. SELF magazine is not only in reference to self-pleasure (as in the EGO) but also is an encoded S.ELF as in the Seven Elves or the Seven Dwarves of Snow White. This is a perfect sync-up with the „Mirror Mirror“ movie that has just come out on 3.30. Here, the cover model Carrie Underwood represents purity in the form of Snow White. Dressed in gold with golden hair, she is also an archetype of the sun and is strategically placed in a sexually suggestive position that resembles a lotus flower.

What is the main point here? Please understand that anything that you see in the mainstream is HEAVILY ENCODED and it is up to you to decode it to free yourself (if you so decide) from mainstream slave society. No need to be scared or angry about it. All you have to do is open your eyes and be aware of what is in front of you.

Link to the SELF April 2012 Edition:

Wikipedia Link to Mirror Mirror Movie: