Bases 37 Part 5 A Max Spiers on blood groups

Blood groups and HIVE Mind programming, and a direct reference to Northern Ireland. How the Rh-ve B and other related groups are used for a controlled Hive mind, for programming population sub groups for control.
The transfer of data by bio-energetic field mergence is how the Monarch’s exchange data with their masters. The sex act is only a mechanism. (Ref Tranceformation of America)

The Northern Ireland reference is important as its part of shut down of the ancient origins of the current re-emergence of man by the Elite to stop us developing so we remains the resource of these creatures which are a hang over from past alien wars, and the „virus“ created to destroy them all those years ago.

Part A of 3 from a highly detailed brief from Max to Miles Johnston of the Bases Project.
These interviews take a great deal out of both interviewee and interviewer. Max was unable to complete this set, and the 3rd and final session ends abruptly.